Friday, August 12, 2011

Love Stories

I'm a wee bit overdue for this one... been awhile since I continued my stories of our ten years together.

Because we left shortly after our wedding for a 'working honeymoon', we decided to do a traditional honeymoon-style vacation for our first anniversary. We went to the island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin in the Caribbean for a week. We did it as 'on the cheap' as we could...even walking to our resort from the airport. With luggage.
 No, I'm not kidding!
It was only about a mile & a half but still... crazy newlyweds!

Anyway, this photo was taken on the French side of the island at the Fort Saint-Louis overlooking Marigot. We were staying on the Dutch side of the island so getting to Marigot involved a harrowing, hot, bumpy cab ride with an unintelligible cab driver.
 As you can see, the fort was a climb up from the city and it was hot and humid...but worth it!
The view was fantastic; I loved reading about the history of the fort; and it yielded this picture of us - which is one of my very favorites. In fact, I still have it in my viola case. There is something so happy about it for me. It reminds me of the 'early days', fresh and adventurous, at the beginning of our road together. Our love has changed, deepened, and matured in the years since this photo was taken. It's better now and no less adventurous, but certainly changed. I love how photos can bring back so much more than just an image...

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