Saturday, June 4, 2011

We always...

In the U.S., Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer. For me, if it's above 90 degrees (F), it's summer, baby! But apparently for Big Brother, there's another signal that summer has arrived...
a trip to Ocean City, MD.

He has been talking non-stop about going to OC and saying, "summer starts once we go to Ocean City, right?" W are lucky enough to have a friend who generously loans us his beachfront condo several times a summer and I love that already - even though he's only 4 - a summer isn't complete without a trip to OC.
 So, in anticipation of the fun family times headed our way this summer, I thought I would share a few things we always do on our trips to the beach.
 I'll start off with food (really, isn't half of vacation about the food??) and keep an eye out for some other beach traditions as the summer progresses.
Kohr Brothers frozen custard. This store is on the corner directly under the condo...very dangerous! 
Thrasher's french fries. I don't know if you can read the sign, but it says 'no ketchup' at the bottom. This makes me laugh! Hand cut fries and they only serve them with malt vinegar - yum!
Not one little fry is permitted to escape!!
One of my favorites: Dolle's  for caramel apples!
And finally, a visit to the candy store before we leave to take home a little sweet treat.
I'm always in search of: Sour Jersey Cherrie. they're like tart cherry jelly beans but with a bit thicker outside layer. I'm so addicted to these babies, I bring home enough to last (very carefully rationed) until the next time I make it to the beach!
I hope I didn't make you too hungry!! Do you have favorite places to eat in your favorite vacation spots?


Melissa said...

Of course vacation is at least 1/2 about the food! LOL And I've heard that malt vinegar is supposed to be good with fries, but I just have to have my ketchup.

I posted last year some of our favorite restaurants from our Texas Road Trip( I really need to do one for our favorite places to eat in Banff, where we were married and travel to regularly.

helena said...

such fun to see the special foods - I visited Ocean City in 1980 on my first visit to USA and I rememver those caramel apples and the sweet fritters made by dropping pancake mix in hot oil in a pattern.

Alison said...

This brought back a memory of being in Scarborough (a seaside town in the NE of England) when I was a teenager..and every night after we'd been out we would stop to buy hot doughnuts with whipped cream-YUM!
Alison xx