Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 Things Challenge

Last week, Amy issued a challenge to take photos of 5 things that will not be around anymore in 5 years. This challenge really stuck in my head. I thought it was fun (and surprisingly challenging) to wander around my house evaluating how long certain things might stick around.
 Here's what I came up with for 5 things that won't be around...
My phone - it's brand new and I love it, but the reality is...phones don't last 5 years!
My beautiful peonies...these blooms anyway. I'm certainly hoping the garden plants will still be around, but these lovelies won't last many more days.
This car carrier has been very well-loved. It is actually pretty new (just a few months) but it traveled to us all the way from Brazil and it is constructed of pretty lightweight plastic. It has been heavily played with and pieces already fall off on a regular basis.
This is really more than one item, but a pile is one thing, right?? Hubby and I cleaned out our basement (three rooms + hallway) this past weekend and it felt sooooo good! This is the pile of things that we are giving away - therefore, they certainly will not be around in 5 more years! Hooray!
And finally... (ok, why I saved the most boring one til last, I have no idea!)
 My hairclips! These things are so cheap! I wish they'd last longer than they do but I'm forever breaking the little claws off or losing them in pockets. So, I'm sure that in 5 years, I'll have a whole new complement of clips!
I hope you enjoyed my 5 things! It was a fun thing to try. Definitely try it yourself someday - and, in the meantime, check our Amy's blog for a peek at what other people did for their 5 Things!


Amy said...

Rachel, I love peonies and yours are gorgeous! Do you grow them yourself? Are they hard to keep alive? I only ask because I am rather challenged in the gardening department!

I am writing my post for Thursday right now ... I'll add you in ok?! :-)

Alison said...

Am loving seeing everyone's 'five things'...I didn't add my phone, but I DO hope to have a new one in less than five years!
Alison xx

humel said...

I am so loving these posts! Well done you on the decluttering :)

scrappyjacky said...

Am really enjoying seeing everyone's 5 changes.

Beverly said...

Rachel, Your peonies are beautiful, I love fresh flowers. Well done on your five things :)

Melissa said...

Wow, i'm so jealous of those peonies, they're gorgeous.

Diane said...

love those flowers...and the phone...I could do wit a new one now but trying to hang out for the next iPhone :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.