Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still Resolved?

Here's a little update on the progress I'm making with my 52-layout resolution...
  Apparently I am feeling the need for a little spring (even though it's still in the 20s here at night - ugh!). Both of the layouts I have to share with you have spring green with a bit of yellow or orange!
 Here's the one-month-old layout for my sugar-punkin's baby album. Seriously - I love this layout...am I really going to put it in his book (instead of mine)?? Only time will tell...

This one is for my family album - finally getting around to scrapping the professional pics we had taken of my now big 4-year old when he was just 18 months. I particularly like the accents on this page. They're fun and so 'boy'. The journaling spot in the upper right says "pocket contents". Ha! Love it!
So, that puts me at layouts #15 & 16!! I'm actually ahead of schedule! I even have more to share from my recent weekend getaway; they just aren't photographed yet. Wow - it's fun to count my layouts!
 Do you have a scrapbook (dare I say it??) goal? Or maybe just an average rate of completion at the moment? I never put production over artistry or enjoyment, but I'm having quite a good time track of how much I'm doing...so fun to watch the albums grow!


Amy said...

No, I must be a bit slack, I have no scrapping goals - I just scrap what and when I feel like it, and dump all the pages in together in the one album!

They grow so quickly don't they? :-)

mary ann said...

beautiful pages. I haven't tried a 52 layout challenge, but maybe this is something I could suggest to my scrapping friends.