Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wings Workshop Cards

Huh. It's an hour later than I meant to start this post. I logged in to start a new post and got sidetracked reading posts instead! Man, there are some creative and inspiring people out there.

Y'all rock!

Ok, down to business...

I really just wanted to jump on 'real-quick-like' and share the cards I made with the Wings Workshop on the Go kit (as promised in my newsletter waving to my gals).
These are the featured cards in the Workshop guide (meaning, they're the ones with the full instructions and diagrams).

One of the techniques featured heavily in this workshop guide is generational stamping with the border of the image rolled in darker ink. The flower on the "Express Yourself" card is a heart stamped 5 times with this technique to form the petals. And the "Everything you can imagine..." card has the larger image actually rolled in a different color (black) for the border. It's a neat effect. It give the images some extra dimension.

I had fun using the new spray pen on these cards. I was able to get a range of effects from a light misting to a the more dynamic directional droplets. Really cool. I like the effect of adding pearl paint to the mix as well...the big flower on the "inspire" has just a bit of glimmer.
I love workshop cards! Creating them gives me hands on practice with techniques that I can use in my own designs later and I have a bundle of cards ready to send! Practical as well as fun...

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