Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Mail!

I tell you what, there is nothing like finding a handmade card nestled in the mailbox among all the annoying junk mail and pesky bills! I received this beautiful card today made by my friend and sister Close To My Heart consultant, Kelly Rizzo. (thanks, Kelly!)

Doesn't she do beautiful artwork?! I especially love the way she combined the papers from CTMH's Notebook set with the Treasure Life stamp set - not a combo I would have thought of. Awesome!

It was also fortuitous that it came today. Little Brother got his 2-month vaccines (FOUR of them!!) this morning and there was a lot of crying in our house today...that breathless, in-pain kind of wailing that destroys a mommy's heart. It was lovely to have a little lift in my day!

Happy mail is just the best kind of mail!!

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